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Photography Background

I bought my first 35mm Single Lens Reflex camera in 1969 and it grew from there, adding lens, lighting and darkroom. Throughout college, I worked in a camera store at the retail level and also photographed weddings, portraits, events, and business commercial shoots for clients. I also taught courses in Lighting, Composition, and Darkroom Techniques. A major concern was “What if there was a problem with the film and no photos of this once in a lifetime event are present when the film is developed. Thankfully, it never happened to me as it unfortunately happened to some friends. That was a lot of pressure and I elected to pursuit other interests professionally, including medical, financial, and sales. 

With photography, I assumed the label “advanced amateur” and without the production pressure, enjoyed photography for photography sake. In retrospect, that was huge and a key to my photographic growth and development. It allowed me to develop the intangibles - Vision and Creativity - without the client job pressures as I applied the lighting, composition and darkroom processing concepts that I previously taught.  It was further aided by my military service as around every three years I was at a new location with new photographic opportunities.  Finally, as a Realtor other agents on the office saw my photos for new listings and encouraged my return to photography with “Larry, you need to turn pro!” While I may no longer be a Realtor, I continue to own the business I developed, Larry Gray Photography LLC. 

A lot has happened since 1969. While I still have the film cameras and darkroom, I have transitioned fully to the digital world. The darkroom is replaced with Photoshop where I can still apply the critical editing, plus even more creative techniques to photos. Likewise, the cameras and their accessories are now digital. While I started the digital world with a Nikon DSLR, I transitioned to Sony full frame mirrorless cameras and other professional equipment and software.  However, perhaps the biggest change was the instant feedback digital provides and no longer having to wait for film processing.  The on-site feedback, together with frequent backups, alleviated my concern of decades prior.

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